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My mission is to guide and support you to achieve that best version of yourself.


My services are designed to guide and support you to solidly and consistently stand out in a crowded place from inauthentic and shallow personalities for stronger visibility, influence and leadership.


“In today’s world of excessive information, noise and competition, you really need to be ahead of the game by setting the foundations for success through clarity, discipline and focus… from the outset!

Will Abdo

Self Management & Actualisation 

Finding meaning & purpose and living consciously.

Personal Branding
Discover your brand and master the art of showing up and first impressions!

Leadership at Business & Work
Delivering consistent and effective performance & influencing others.

Will Abdo


Will held many leadership positions at work, business and NGOs for over 25 years.  He has successfully managed and completed many projects, led teams and represented various organisations at high profile events including government, media, academia and business.  He has perfected the art of of making an amazing first impression through his unique presentation skills.

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Personal Development and Branding

My coaching experiences goes back along way to my youth days where I was a fitness personal trainer and successfully coached and led teams of athletes onto the competitive stage.  Since then I have coached and led various individuals and teams in business and Non Profit organisations helping them deliver successful projects on time, organise international events and conduct high profile discussions with business, government and community leaders.

Personal Development & Self Care

Self Awareness, goal setting and self actualisation.  Living consciously and successfully.

Personal Branding

How to create a visibly strong personal brand that shows your true authentic self.  Master the art of showing up and making exceptional first impressions for international audience.

Leadership in Business and Work

Establishing credibility and reputation for consistent and effective performance in getting the job done.  Influencing and motivating your subordinates.

Effective Work and Business Management

Organisational and prioritisation skills, clear and effective communication and reporting and presentation

Approach & Philosophy

Approach & Philosophy

Personal development is a lifelong journey that requires consistent effort and dedication. One of the key areas of personal development is physical fitness, which not only contributes to physical health but also positively impacts mental health and attitude.  A positive mental attitude is essential for personal development and can help individuals navigate challenges, build resilience, and cultivate a growth mindset as well as improves confidence, self esteem and discipline.

I like to work with my clients on a holistic level taking into account their physical, personal, spiritual and mental well-being.  From the outset I like to set the foundations for self awareness to identify strength and weaknesses as well as self limiting beliefs and attitudes and establish clear goals for improvement through empowerment and callobartion.  My philosophy is to instil a growth mindset in my clients through constant self-awareness and self-development to achieve the best version of themselves.  I love to keep it simple no matter how complex it gets and strongly believe in “Simple Sophistication”.


For more help on the topics of self development, feel free to connect with the resources below

The importance of physical health on Mental Health and Mental Attitude – ScienceDirect

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